The multi-talented Fabian Storzum aka BansH, who was born in Worms on 01 August 1991, lives and loves music.  As a singer, songwriter, rapper and beatboxer, he inspires and motivates people every day. His domicile are the singing booths of studios and the stages of clubs. No matter where he is he is capable of entertaining the crowd. He manner is melow and his voice is melodic when ever he is singing choruses.  He writes his own music and gets the crowd to sing or hum along with him.  He is simply a very talented and extremely humble person, who spreads love where ever he goes.


Widely known as J.L. aka Jesse Kolb, was born and raised in Mannheim, Germany. Jesse was a child that inspired many with his gift of written poetry and the spoken word. As a child Jesse struggled with writing, however his teachers allowed him to write poems in replace of essays and turn them in. His teachers being impressed with his poems, would then hang them around the classroom for the students to read. It wasn’t until the age of 18 that Jesse was taken under the wing of Producer Ron Pearson who taught him how to rap.



Sandrine was on stage for the first time at the age of 11. She danced and played as a little girl and her coaches recognized her talent for music and presented her at various shows not only as a dancer but also as a singer.  At the age of fifteen, Sandrine began to develop her voice with vocal lessons. An appearance with Roger Cicero at the age of 18 helped her gain a lot of attention in her hometown.

She currently plays with her band, 4tex,  with which she has been making music with for 6 years. Initially known for her soft ballads, she developed over time into a real lead singer. While in school,  Sandrine decided to study communication sciences but continued writing songs and occassionally performing with her band.

But that was not enough for 24-year-old. Now she wants to dedicate herself  100% to her music and find herself as an artist. Embossed by soul, funk, pop and rock, she is looking for her own style in the world of music. Project Roadtrip has proven to be her first milestone on towards this goal.


Jasmina Zecevic is 24 and is from Regensburg, Germany.  As a passionate entertainer, her life has always consisted of good and loud music.  She loves to hit the crowd and deliver big shows. She likes love songs and articulate songs that makes one think. Her great dream is to finally storm the big stages with her team or as a soloist and make her dream come true.

PRT is one of her new hurdles she hopes to tackle after so many Casting shows and singing in the shower. PRT gives her  a new impetus for the future and her musical career.  She likes the fact that PRT is a mix of everything that music can do. Her great goal is to make music in studios and tour different stages around the world.


Benjamin Kleinholz “Benji” was born in Velbert, Germany on August 30th, 1993 and has already discovered his love for music in recent years. At the age of 9, the rapper began to write sensitive lyrics and then pack them into rhymes. At the age of 17, he experienced a lot of ups and downs in his life. Drugs, alcohol and parties became a major part of his life. With the help of music he managed to overcome this difficult time. He wrote new texts and found in it a possibility to release his frustration, and freedom from forbidden substances. At the beginning of the year 2015 he opened a Facebook site  called “Benjamin Kleinholz – MusikSeite” and continues to do live shows constantly till this day.

At the beginning of 2016, he won a feature on his album with a Facebook call from “Pietro Lombardi”. Music from the heart is his motto. The first album Benjamin Kleinholz won a cast in early 2016 and secured a place on the new album of Sarah & Pietro – “part of me”. The song is called “Take my hand (feat. Benjamin Kleinholz)”, in which Benjamin Kleinholz raps as a feature.